The Visitor Centre

The Bute Park Visitor Centre accommodates a range of uses:

  • It acts as an in-house staff training facility, for example in support of the Parks Service’s horticultural apprenticeship scheme
  • It provides a venue in support of the Park’s Education & Outreach programme
  • It provides a venue for use by the Friends of Bute Park in support of their activities
  • It provides a venue in support of the park’s volunteering programme
  • It houses an archive of information about the park and hosts a range of public literature and displays, which help tell stories about the park’s history and wildlife
  • It provides office space for the Bute Park management team

The building’s primary mission is to be a hub of parks-based information, learning and recreation.

The building is also available for public and private hire.

The building benefits from its own public toilet facilities, free WiFi, drinking water and kitchenette. There is a reception area, main classroom and smaller meeting/break out room. Both rooms have multi-media presentation facilities, which were upgraded in 2022.

The building is also home to the independently operated Secret Garden Café.

The building has achieved and maintained Green Dragon Environmental Standard Level 4 since 2013, meaning Cardiff Council demonstrate continuously improving, effective environmental management in its operation.

The Visitor Centre first opened in November 2011 and was built as part of the Heritage Lottery-funded Bute Park Restoration Project. It incorporates several environmentally conscious design features including:

  • Solar panels
  • A green roof
  • Underfloor heating
  • Low-energy sensor-controlled lighting

The Visitor Centre shares the site of the Bute Park Nursery and Plant Shop.   

Stay up-to-date with public events taking place at the Visitor Centre by visiting our “what’s on” pages.